Handel’s ‘Messiah,’ egg hunts and other Easter celebrations in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — Easter is almost upon us, and many events throughout the Beehive State are taking place to celebrate this time of renewal and rebirth, ranging from musical events such as Rob Gardner’s “Lamb of God” and Handel’s “Messiah” to a basket full of Easter egg hunts for kids to enjoy. Check out […]

Earthquake shakes Bluffdale near Saratoga Springs, Lehi

A 3.3 magnitude earthquake was felt in Utah and Salt Lake Counties on Nov. 25, 2016. Courtesy USGS A small earthquake south of Salt Lake City on Friday morning was felt by some 200 people in the area. The University of Utah Seismograph Stations said in a news release Friday that the magnitude 3.2 quake […]

Did pilot have enough

Pilot in plane crash had many years of experience

The Pitts Model 12 that crash landed near Bluffdale Saturday is shown in this photo from 2010. BLUFFDALE — A couple flying to New Mexico from Washington are lucky to be alive after their small plane made an unexpected stopover in Bluffdale Saturday night. After losing power and landing in an open field, the biplane […]

Utah’s Fair Housing Laws

Utah Labor Commission (KUTV) Salt Lake City – Do you know the laws around fair housing in Utah? Michael Barrett, Outreach & Education Coordinator with the Anti-Discrimination and Labor Division, stopped by the Fresh Living studio to fill us in on what laws renters, landlords, and home owners need to know. You can learn more […]

Project aims to give forgotten

Utah’s forgotten veterans receive military funeral

BLUFFDALE, Utah – It’s been four years since Randall Hester last heard from his older brother, Ron, a Navy veteran his family called a lone wolf. He had no idea Ron had died in January 2009 until relatives saw the man’s name in a newspaper along with 15 other veterans whose bodies were unclaimed. On […]

The NSA Wouldn’t Let Us in This Building (But We Found Out What’s Inside)

If you think the National Security Agency (NSA) isn’t interested in your information, you should take a road trip out to see the massive, nondescript, concrete buildings they operate in the sleepy town of Bluffdale, Utah. Called the Utah or NSA Data Center, it may be one of the best representations for what the NSA […]